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Welcome to Trust Deal Service

Trust Deal Service is a trustworthy facilitator to meet the various needs of our clients. our best services are the purchase and sales of Marine Equipments (new and used). We deal with all types of metals like steel, copper, aluminium etc. we also deal with scrap metals as well. we are able to provide various types of equipment like Shale shakers, BOP, Mast, Skidder, etc. for Rig and various other equipment for the plant, gas industry. we collaborated with TUE Company in Saudi to provide steel (new and used) for the best price in the market. Our collaborative work with "SAEED" (UAE) government services (complete government-related services under one roof) Other services we are engaged in customs and port clearance services, deal with metal scrap.


Plant Industry
Oil Industry
Gas Industry
General Engineering Industry
Marine industry
Technical manpower

Our Best Services

Trust Deal Service is one of the Most equipment and material sale company.We are Providing Engineering and technical services to process and plant industries are oil and gas industry, general engineering industry, Marine industry

  • New and used equipment and material sale
  • Facilitating material and equipment movements.
  • customs and port clearance services.
  • Consultancy to provide better services to the end user eliminating the brokers.
  • Documentation for customs clearance
  • Customs clearance of the import cargo at the port of entry
  • Port handling and arranging bonded warehouse as and when required by the client

Technical services

  • Process and plant industries
  • Oil and gas industry
  • General engineering industry
  • Marine industry
  • technical manpower